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You may try to swerve out of the way, but when an 18-wheeler, bus, or any other large commercial vehicle crosses into your lane, runs a red light, or blocks your way, it may be impossible to maneuver in time to avoid a crash.

Large companies send heavy commercial vehicles over America’s roads every day. These companies have a right to use public roads, but that right comes with a responsibility. Commercial vehicles—particularly semi-trucks—are typically larger and heavier than the passenger car, minivan, SUV or motorcycle you may be driving. A semi-truck can weigh tens of thousands of pounds, depending on whether it’s loaded, and likely is much longer than a passenger vehicle.

Because of the additional size and weight of commercial vehicles, a collision is likely to result in catastrophic injuries. For this reason, companies that own and operate commercial vehicles must follow regulations about who can drive commercial vehicles and how they can be operated. If the truck or bus companies or their drivers violate federal or state regulations or motor vehicle laws, we can hold them accountable.


Our experienced lawyers understand the overwhelming impact a collision can have on your life. If you or a family member has been injured in a truck or bus crash, contact us today to learn about your legal rights. We will help you understand your options and determine the next best steps in your specific situation.

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If someone else has caused you injury, or someone in your family has died and you believe that someone else may be at fault, we want to hear from you. There is no fee for us to review your case. We only receive a fee if you win.

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